Let Your Glassware Tell a Story

It’s all about what’s on the inside, right?  Well, we believe the outside matters too!  Choosing the correct glassware can be a bit overwhelming when pouring a cocktail at home.  Rocks, collins, old-fashioned, highball, hurricane, snifter, tiki, julep; so many choices!  This can become a bit costly if you are a purist. Good glassware can be a bit tough on the wallet.  We prefer to save our pennies for the contents of the glass!

All the glasses shown below have been acquired through garage sales, resale stores, antique stores and the like.  The beauty of this is you’re saving money, recycling something AND might have a good story to tell about the glass. Some of these were purchased on a trip to Paris and we will always have that memory.  We have purchased glassware for as low as .25 a glass.  Keep your eyes peeled for these treasures.  Be careful.   It’s addictive!