For the Love of Gin

Any reader of this blog or follower on Instagram will learn that we have a bit of a crush on gin.  Actually, it’s more than a crush, we are already sharing a place together.  It gives me a chuckle as this was the spirit that I may have enjoyed a bit too much of at one time, and we broke up.  Since our reunion, gin has become a staple and we hope to remain that way.  It was no surprise when we were recently gifted with Aaron Knoll’s book, Gin – The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival.  Admirers of the herbaceous spirit may know Mr. Knoll from his gin-centric blog, The Gin is In.

This outstanding book is the ideal guide for anyone curious about gin’s history, it’s current state and where it is going.  Two main highlights for us are the sections on the Botany of Gin and the Distillery Profiles.  After completing the botany section, one really feels they have a better understanding of how the herbs play off of each other.  Let’s just say Angelica is much more commonly used than we ever knew.  (pictured below in a gorgeous page from the book)

The other great highlight is the features on Distilleries.  It’s great to see and hear the stories of where our favorite gins have been crafted.  Our “house” gin is Sipsmith (photo from the book below) and they have been at the forefront of the distilling revolution that has transpired in London.  They are using copper pots for the first time in nearly 200 years!  Those of us in the States should be seeing Sipsmith more and more as Beam Suntory has taken a controlling stake in the company.

We are well into Spring here and gin and tonic season is upon us.  Take a page from Mr. Knoll’s book and find a gin to try this season.  Something new.  Something a bit daring.  You may find yourself surprised and starting a relationship with with a new friend.