The Perfect Match

We at Swizzle are thrilled to see the return of the matchbook!  Those of us who are a certain age (eternally 29), know the virtues of the matchbook.  It was a staple of bars and restaurants for decades.  The decline in public smoking as resulted in the demise of matchbooks.  In the last several years, you are very lucky if you find a matchbook.  One finds business cards, toothpicks and mints, but that’s about it.  Below is just a taste of some of the memories we have gathered over the years.  We treasure these!

Well, fret no more my friends!  They are back.  We are seeing them more and more and we love it!!  Even our beloved Canlis Restaurant is bringing them back utilizing local artists to produce the cover art.  We found the shot below on the Canlis Instagram feed and squealed a bit with glee.

Image: Canlis Instagram Feed

This is a relatively cheap way to publicize your establishment and a terrific way to remember a wonderful evening.  We vote, matchbooks for all!



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